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Waist Beaded to Freedom

She was scared, stretch, and bruised by her roundness, curves, and jiggle. She never quite got to be thin, flat, or show off abs. She was always hidden and covered up because people would laugh, and make fun of her fupa, shape, or double roll. Even would purchase garment to change how she can look in a dress, blouse, or pair of pants. Yet out of all the work we put in to make us feel beautiful she always misses the romance. Tucked away with only the spot lights to hold food and carry a child, but never reward with sparkles or shine. She wants to be apart, she wants to feel loved too, perhaps a little romance embraced with a waist bead or two. - Ms_KJ' Nae

As being a thick and curvy woman I was uncomfortable with my stomach and didn't have the compliments of a flat appearance under my clothes. I would never show it off or where anything that was too fitted about my waist area. When I started making waist beads I thought about how confident as women we would have to feel to even wear them as a thicker or plus size woman. By being the owner I can't promote something I wouldn't wear. It took me while to decide to design one for myself and then have the courage to put it on. One of the mental thoughts was sizing and accepting my weight measurements with the anxiety about always being the "chunky girl" as a teenager. Even after I made my first waist beads I still didn't put it on right then and there, I would take it out and stare at at it and say today's in the day to try it on. On day I received a order for 6 waist beads for someone who's waist size measurements were longer that mine and I just went for it! Every since then, I have added additional

waist beads to my body it has boasted my confidence, femininity, and sexuality. It doesn't matter if I show them of cover them I feel empowered and confidence.

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