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Your Body is your Temple!

Have you always felt that you had to keep up with the latest weight loss program, or by the newest waist trainer to help get into shape? Well, the start of anything we put out bodies physically through starts with the mind.

So why not build your confidence with accessorizing your body parts? With wearing beaded jewelry made with with stretch wire allows your accessories to adjust to the ups and downs as our bodies fluctuate on size as we get older.

Building confidence about how our bodies look, and feels can be very difficult when you used to be a size 8 and now a size 16/18. When we look in the mirror we constantly ask ourselves what can I do to hide this or tuck that. At time is can be challenging to find beauty in our jelly rolls, chucky wrist, and thick thighs. However with we take the time to embrace out bodies adding a waist bead, bracelets, or anklets using gemstones such as Onyx (stone of decisiveness and strength), Amethyst (cleansing, protection, inspiration), Jasper (carries an energy, or vibration of peace, calm, and tranquility), to name a few.

To embrace your body no matter your size, shape, or scars is to love yourself. Accessorizing your body allows you to gain security, awareness, freedom, and style as you step out into a new journey of letting go of the past and embarking on a deeper spiritual connection to God's creation. Aligning your inner being with your inner power.

"You Are Enough!"

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