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Why Waist Beads?

So many conflicting emotions....They're cute but my stomach isn't.....They might make me look sexy but I don't feel sexy. Well ladies I am here to tell you that you are as beautiful as we feel and accessorizing our bodies just enhances our confidence within ourselves. Not only feel more feminine, waist beads also gauges weight lose! For those of us wanting to loose some pounds but afraid to get on the scale or wanting quick results to monitor how many inches you are losing. With your waist beads you will definitely be able to notice how they start to move down as you lose inches and will make you feel accomplished as you obtain your fitness goals.

Waist Beads are also a great way to spice up your intimacy with your partner. They look appealing and mysterious making your partner imagine how they make you feel wearing them and how you will display those feelings in the bedroom. So pick out that lingerie and enjoy the ride!

Most waist beads are made with seed beads, however, for those that love gemstones and understand their meaning you may want to add a little more power and passion.

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